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Name: Tamaki Suoh

Canon: Ouran High School Host Club (anime)

Age: 16

Timeline: Post-series

If playing another character from the same canon, how will you deal with this?
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Personality: Tamaki is a flamboyant young man who, at first glance, may seem shallow and self-obsessed. To be fair, he is a little bit of both. Tamaki puts a lot of value in beauty and takes a lot of pride in his own appearance. Having come from a very wealthy and privileged background, he often lacks practicality and will dive headfirst into the most wild of ideas if they tickle his fancy, making his pet projects as lavish as he possibly can despite the consequences or cost. He’s rather impulsive, which leads to a lack of planning which can get him into trouble.

Going overboard with money and beautiful aesthetics aren’t the only things Tamaki does to excess. His emotions are very strong and go to the extreme more often than not. It’s not unusual to see Tamaki sulking in a corner if he’s been insulted, or declaring his everlasting friendship to someone he’s just met. These emotional extremes are, despite their theatricality, always genuine. With patrons at the Host Club he comes off as princely, elegant, and is a notorious smooth-talker. Outside of the club however, Tamaki can be emotional, clumsy, and immature.

Having said that though, Tamaki’s heart is really in the right place the majority of the time, and he endeavors to do the right thing whenever he can. He’s often so focused on helping others that he misses when he himself might need help or is in danger, and he can be easily manipulated by even the corniest of sob stories. The feelings of those around him are very important to him, and he’ll do almost anything to right a wrong, even if it’s for the sake of a complete stranger. He takes particular care in watching out for the rest of the Host Club, which he considers to be like his own family. By and large, he’s closer to them than any of his own blood relatives, and he’s assigned to each of them a familial sort of role (Kyouya as the mother, himself as the father, Haruhi as their daughter, and so on).

The Host Club are his closest companions, but that isn't where Tamaki's social circle ends. He'll readily make friends with practically anyone and isn't afraid to strike up a conversation. That was precisely how he founded the Host Club: by approaching strangers and doing everything he could to befriend them. Shyness is something Tamaki rarely exhibits.

Tamaki can be extremely oblivious. He’ll sometimes miss things about people or situations that are obvious to others. This includes his own emotions as well, like his romantic attachment to Haruhi. Tamaki is completely unaware that he loves her and insists he only sees her as his “daughter,” though anyone that knows him could tell you he’s infatuated.

He also often overlooks the negative traits in others in favor of trying to see their full positive potential. This eternal optimism can blind him to certain things, but it also allows him to make observations about people that they might not have ever seen for themselves. Bringing out the good in a person or situation is a particular talent of his.

Unfortunately, his oblivious nature makes him ignorant of the repercussions of his own actions. He often doesn’t realize that he’s coming off as pompous or insulting, and he doesn’t always notice when he’s being more of an inconvenience than a help. For example, when Tamaki tells Haruhi that he admires the way “commoners” live (that is to say, the average person), he really means it as a compliment and doesn’t understand why she takes so much offense.

Tamaki’s biggest fears are pretty much anything related to the supernatural, and losing his loved ones- particularly those in the Host Club.

Background: Tamaki Suoh is the son of Yuzuru Suoh, a wealthy businessman and president of Ouran Academy. Tamaki was conceived from an affair his father had with a French woman named Anne-Sophie, with whom he fell in love. Yuzuru wished to begin a life with Anne-Sophie, but his mother (Tamaki’s grandmother and matriarch of the Suoh family) forbade it. Tamaki was left with his mother in France.

As Tamaki grew, his mother’s health steadily declined and their financial situation became worse and worse. Meanwhile in Japan, Yuzuru had not produced another heir to the Suoh name. Tamaki’s grandmother eventually approached his mother with an ultimatum: she would rectify their finances and provide for her medical expenses if Anne-Sophie relinquished her rights to Tamaki and sent him to live with the Suoh family in Japan, never to see him again. She accepted the deal and went into hiding, and Tamaki moved to Japan and began attending Ouran Academy. It pains him to be away from his mother, but Tamaki does his best to please his family in Japan, even though it’s no secret that his grandmother despises him and sees him as a source of shame. He lives in a secondary mansion, separated from the rest of the family.

Tamaki is the founder of the Ouran High School Host Club and is often referred to as its “king.” It was he who recruited all the existing members and founded the club for the purpose of making women happy and celebrating beauty.

Abilities: As stated above, Tamaki has the ability to find a positive aspect of most any situation. Although he’s not always correct in his optimistic assumptions, his positivity and charismatic nature make him quite popular and a natural leader. He’s extremely personable, outgoing, and masterful at flirting. Along with being a skilled pianist, less practical talents of Tamaki’s include shedding tears on demand and devising ways to appeal to the variety of female guests that appear in the Host Club.

First Person: [ He steps off of the train, blinking in the wake of the bright sunlight hitting his eyes. When Tamaki puts a hand up to shield his face, he can finally begin see- but unfortunately, it’s nothing familiar. ]

… Where is this? Kyouya? [ He calls out to the empty space around him. It only takes him a moment to realize that he’s been left alone. He shivers a bit, despite the beautiful sunshine. This isn’t home. This is… where is this? ] Haruhi?

[ His voice becomes quieter and more uncertain as he takes a few hesitant steps around the platform. His first instinct is to ask for help, but… there’s no one around. He feels another chill, followed swiftly by a rising panic. What if the others are here, split up and alone just like he is? His steps, which had started to falter, speed up as he begins to jog around, exploring every nook and cranny he can find. He’s shouting out now as he wanders about. ] Is anyone here? Hello?

Third Person:

He hadn't been able to bring himself to find a place to stay yet. Tamaki had mostly spent his time roaming the streets, greeting any of the people he met enthusiastically, just happy to see a friendly face. He'd even met a few lovely ladies, which he had paused to greet with a poetic compliment and a quick wink of the eye. He didn't stop, though. He was too restless to settle, too uneasy thinking that he might have been the only person from Ouran to have been brought there... wherever "there" was. At least, he'd noted, the location wasn't half-bad. It was a beautiful day, and nothing terrible had really happened to him. It just seemed so unlikely he'd been kidnapped just to be dropped in a completely new place with no captors to be seen, but what other explanation was there? The questions were spinning through Tamaki's mind. What would his father do when he reported Tamaki missing? Or would they think he had run away?

What would his grandmother say?

Tamaki found an empty bench to take a break on, promising himself he would find someplace to stay before long. The sun was starting to set, and he had never really been alone at night in a city like this. Perhaps he should have been more nervous. It wasn't as if he’d ever had to worry about this sort of thing before though, so what most other people would consider to be “common sense” wasn't coming readily to Tamaki’s mind.

His hand slipped into his pocket to feel for the strange pocket watch that had appeared there when he exited the train. His fingers brushed his wallet in the process, full of credit cards and bills that were completely useless to him now. Tamaki hadn't realized this though, not yet. Just like he didn't realize he was the only one from Ouran Academy to find himself there, which was precisely why he couldn't bring himself to wander away from the streets. He needed to check just one more block. Just one.


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